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The mission of The Nevada Association of Court Executives (NACE) is to promote quality court management and organizational leadership through education, professional standards, sharing of information, and process improvement resulting in the effective delivery of services to judicial stakeholders and the general public.

NACE is committed to uniting Nevada’s judicial system and promoting effective and professional administration of the courts.

NACE has an active educational and training program. Courses offered are tailored to the unique challenges and important topics concerning Nevada courts.

Each year, NACE recognizes outstanding court leaders and organizations through our Court Executive of the Year award and Court of the Year award. The Court Executive of the Year award has been presented annually since 2005. The Court of the Year (formerly Star Performance) award was first awarded in 2011 and recognizes courts that are effectively delivering services to the public.

New court leaders are cultivated through NACE’s mentoring program. Experienced NACE members volunteer to mentor new and aspiring court leaders.


  • To acquire and disseminate information and education relating to court administration.
  • To create a forum for knowledge sharing, information, experience, and problem soling among members.
  • To strengthen and promote the profession of court management through collaboration, coordination and staff development.
  • To encourage continued education and training through seminars, conferences, webinars, and publications.
  • To present a viable and unified coalition for purposes of legislation, public policy, funding initiatives and court independence.
  • To promote best practices and performance standards for efficient and effective court administration.

NACE Executive Board

  • Randall Soderquist, President – Elko Justice and Municipal Courts
  • Bobbie Williams, Vice President – Ninth Judicial District Court and Douglas County Justice Courts
  • Alexa Olsen, Secretary – Reno Municipal Court
  • Bernie Graham, Treasurer – Boulder City Municipal Court
  • Julie Wise, Urban Courts Representative-at-Large – Second Judicial District Court
  • Alisa Shoults, Rural Courts Representative-at-Large – Pahrump Justice Court
  • Maxine Cortes, Education Committee Chair – First Judicial District Court and Carson City Justice/Municipal Court
  • Joe Tommasino, Legislation and Rules Committee Chair – Las Vegas Justice Court


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