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Update on Bill Draft Request Submission Timelines

16 Jun 2016 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

At the most recent JCSN meeting, the Judicial Council talked about the upcoming legislative session. 

Bill drafts that were discussed included the following:

(1) One dealing with Termination of Parental Rights (TPR);

(2) One clarifying the term “another jurisdiction” in the context of specialty courts;

(3) One relating to marshals in the Municipal Courts; and

(4) One allowing the electronic transmission of notices to bonding companies; this specific proposal was presented by Dana Hlavac from Las Vegas Municipal Court.

The Judicial Council did not formally designate any of these BDR’s as part of the Supreme Court’s official package of 10 BDR requests.  Instead, the Council is going to have a special meeting dedicated to reviewing all proposed bill drafts.  The applicable timetable is as follows:

August 12, 2016: Deadline for courts to submit proposed bill drafts to the Judicial Council via the AOC.

August 19, 2016: The date for the special JCSN meeting to choose the 10 BDR’s.  (No time has been announced yet, but the last meeting started at 1:30.)

If your court is interested in submitting a proposed BDR to the Supreme Court, please be aware of the deadlines listed above.

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