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Legislative Update #3

18 Nov 2016 10:59 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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(1) A total of 168 bills have now been prefiled.  The latest version of the matrix is attached.   Although I will be on vacation next week, I will update the matrix when I return.

(2) The following bills are significant:

SB 79:  Revises provisions concerning the personal information of certain persons contained in certain records. (BDR 20-400)

AB 71:  Revises provisions governing public employees' retirement. (BDR 23-429)

AB 66:  Revises provisions relating to parental rights. (BDR 11-398)

AB 59:  Revises provisions governing lifetime supervision of sex offenders. (BDR 16-392)

AB 58:  Revises provisions governing the penalty for repeat violations of certain orders for protection against domestic violence. (BDR 3-383)

Note:  This bill would align the penalties with 3 of the 4 remaining TPO types.  However, Workplace-Harassment TPO’s would still be subject to misdemeanor penalties.  Should this be addressed also?

NRS 33.350. Penalty for intentional violation of order. A person who intentionally violates a temporary or extended order for protection against harassment in the workplace is guilty of a misdemeanor, unless a more severe penalty is prescribed by law for the act that constitutes the violation of the order.

AB 56:  Authorizes justice courts and municipal courts to establish programs for the treatment of certain offenders who are veterans or members of the military. (BDR 14-388)

* The link to these bills appears below:

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